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Work Box Collections

Work Boxes are managed together in Work Box Collections (WBC) that are usually used to support some kind of generic collaboration or to support a more formal kind of case management. These pages look specifically at how you can configure and extend such work box collections to deliver ‘solutions’ for different types of business requirements.

Three levels of sophistication of WBC solutions

There are three levels of sophistication at which a WBC can be customised in order to deliver a business solution:
  1. Configure a WBC purely through the web UI provided by SharePoint and the WBF
  2. Use SharePoint Designer and Reporting Services to extend the features of the WBC to include things like:
    • Additional WB metadata (columns) with extended forms
    • Workflows
    • Reporting (in particular against the additional columns).
  3. Use Visual Studio to write C# code that extends the features of the WBC even further:
    • Add more complex, bespoke forms
    • Add event receivers or more complex workflows.
    • Add timer jobs (e.g. that process data within the WBC in order to generate more advance reports.)
    • Example code snippets

Key components of a Work Box Collection

A Work Box Collection essentially consists of a list of work boxes and the work box sites themselves. The list of all work boxes is held within the work box ‘management’ site under which all of the records types will have a value.

All of the work box sites are sub-sub-sites of the management site. The direct sub-sites of the management site are a series of ‘divider sub-sites’ that hold no content and are simply there in order to ensure that the WBF can scale to host well over 100,000 work boxes per work box collection.

The arrangement of the management site and the work box sub-sub-sites is illustrated in the diagram below which also shows a sketch version of the metadata columns held by the ‘Work Boxes In Collection’ and the ‘Work Box Templates’ lists:


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