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Farm wide 'team' management

SharePoint has no standard way of getting SharePoint groups to replicate between site collections within a farm. A common approach to solving this problem is to instead use Active Directory as the basis for all such group management. The problem with this approach (out of the box) is that this seriously reduces the ability to manage the membership of these groups via the SharePoint web UI. All group management has to be done in Active Directory and SharePoint can’t display to the end user the list of members within such groups.
The WBF fills this gap by introducing the concept of a ‘team’ as an enhanced taxonomy term within a ‘Teams’ managed metadata term set. This approach enables a number of things to be possible:
  • Teams can be organized into a hierarchy for navigational purposes
  • Teams can be set as metadata on work boxes and documents
  • The teams hierarchy is centrally managed in one location for the whole farm
  • The teams hierarchy can be consumed by other farms as part of the managed metadata service
  • Each team term then has the following properties:
    • The name of the team
    • An acronym that can be used in naming conventions for content belonging to the team
    • Name of the SharePoint Group that defines the team members
    • Name of the SharePoint Group that defines the team owners
    • URL for the SharePoint site that is the ‘team site’ for this team
    • The functional area (e.g. Children’s Services) that the team belongs to.

The configuration of the WBF then designates one site collection as being the site collection that hosts the team sites and also hosts the definitive source of which users need to be in the team members and team owners SharePoint Groups. The team membership groups are then replicated to all other site collections that need them.

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