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Building solutions on the WBF

The WBF is primarily about managing collections of SharePoint sites (Work Boxes), but in order to be useful at an enterprise level it also provides ways to manage teams of users and the publishing of documents from Work Boxes (WB from now on) to a records center in a way that means that they can then also be published to public websites. As a result the WBF can deliver ‘solutions’ that (as a simplification) meet three different kinds of business requirements:
  1. An intranet site with team sites (izzi)
  2. Work Box Collections (for collaboration and case management solutions)
  3. Public facing websites and extranets (publishing site collections)
At a basic level these three different kinds of solution relate to each other because (1) provides a set of teams who can own and collaborate in work boxes (2) to create documents which can then be published from the work boxes so that they can be picked or viewed on either the internal intranet site (1) or on public facing websites (3).

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