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Work Box Framework (WBF)

The Work Box Framework (WBF) was developed at Islington Council as part of a programme of work to use SharePoint 2010 as an enterprise wide platform for managing documents and content both internally and for their public facing websites.

The WBF enables a farm wide approach for: lifecycle management of SharePoint 2010 sites; document publishing; records types; and teams of users. We are in the process of improving the documentation on the CodePlex project for the WBF. The documentation includes an installation guide that should be relatively easy to follow if you are familiar with administering a SharePoint 2010 farm.

Very high level overview

The following diagram tries to give a very high level overview of what the WBF provides: a hierarchy of teams that each have a team site from which they can access collaborative work boxes that their team is involved with. The work boxes can then also be grouped together into collections that share some additional business processes. For example at Islington there is some additional workflows and reporting around the Freedom of Information (FOI) requests that each get assigned a collaborative work box in which the response can be prepared.


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